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A Letter from Mrs. Johnson, Virtual Schoolhouse Principal

Dear Parents,

I am delighted to be the new principal at Virtual Schoolhouse.  I look forward to the 2015-16 school year and working with students and families who have chosen VSH.

Today, all Ohio families have the power to take charge of their children’s education by choosing a school that they consider best meets their child’s needs.  Charter schools such as Virtual Schoolhouse are innovative, flexible, and accountable.  They can change staff or curriculum to meet student needs more easily than traditional public schools.  And they are free.  While charter school policy is evolving, charter schools in Ohio are proving themselves, with some 80,000 students attending 330 charter schools.  (

So thank you for placing your confidence in Virtual Schoolhouse.

Some of my goals for VSH are:

  • Increasing scores on state testing so that our students have more options going forward,
  • Spurring more students to graduate on time, and
  • Assisting all VSH graduates to make the most of their opportunities after high school.

Families are key to accomplishing these goals.  Families demonstrate the importance of education by making sure that students show up to school every day and by taking interest in what students are learning.  That means discussing school with your child, communicating with teachers, attending school events, and even volunteering in the school. Students have a much better chance to succeed if they are encouraged and supported at home.

My career in special education administration has spanned over 20 years in the classroom, at the district level and in charter school supervision.   I served as an adjunct professor at Baldwin Wallace University for over 13 years, teaching classes in education and special education.  I hold a masters degree in education from Cleveland State University as well as teaching and principal’s licenses.

On a personal level, I am a proud mother and grandmother.   I love sports.  I love Cleveland. In fact, there is a lot we can learn from being a Cleveland sports fan. We keep trying to play the best game we can.  Win or lose, we continue to aim for a championship.   One day we will make it.   The same is true in education.  Students need to believe that they can and will achieve big things.  That faith will motivate their success, and I will make every effort to instill that belief in them.




Cindy Johnson                                                                                                                         Virtual Schoolhouse Principal