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SIG News

Our SIG Instructional Staff is focused on ensuring that we are building relationships with every single student, understanding the instructional need that is attached to every single student and monitoring our progress along the way. We are currently utilizing the following activities to ensure progress toward academic goals:

  • After-school tutoring
  • Family Enrichment Activities
  • Performing Arts
  • Educational Field trips
  • Sports and leadership opportunities

Virtual Schoolhouse is full of a very caring and devoted staff and as the assistant principal, I do believe that every single teacher truly cares about our school and our community,” she said. The following activities demonstrated this belief:

  • The Development of our Student Council
  • Student Academic Contest (writing, reading, and math)
  • Student Lead Fundraisers (Fall dance, candy sales, and raffles)

The VSH assistant principal has attended the Executive Principals Leadership Conference. With the Assistant Principal Professional Development in place (Executive Leadership Academy) the school will be able to address the SIG goals of; improved test scores, closing the achievement gaps across various subgroups in the school, and implementing various instructional strategies and programs.