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Blended Learning

Following years of innovative, successful and challenging academic programs,Virtual Schoolhouse has created an exciting groundbreaking educational model designed to enhance your child’s academic experience.

Virtual Schoolhouse presents: BLENDED LEARNING!

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What is Blended Learning?
Blended learning allows the student to split their week between learning on-site and at home. It features an online curriculum with flexible and adaptive teacher support through tutoring and small group sessions.


VSH Blended Learning Centers:

  • 12200 Fairhill Rd Cleveland Ohio 44120
  • 736 Lakeview Rd Cleveland OH 44108

Our Flex Model of blended learning features an online platform that delivers most of our curricula (A+). Teachers provide support on a flexible and adaptive as-needed basis through one-on-one tutoring and small group sessions. Program provides: Highly qualified staff members; Facility for staff to work with students; use of A+ Curriculum and Course of Study for students in grades 9-12; RTA bus tickets for transportation to and from our facility for qualifying students; Weekly monitoring of record of students’ committed time both on-line and in the classroom; Quarterly review of progress; Transcripts for our students in grades 9-12; Diplomas for those students who complete the Ohio Department of Education requirements for graduation; and an annual meeting to establish and review educational goals. This program follows the Virtual Schoolhouse academic calendar. Students must work towards completing the required coursework to attain their high school diploma.

Students are responsible for following the rules of the Blended Learning Program:

• Phones must be turned in to the teacher upon arrival to school. They will be returned at the end of the session.

• Students may only attend the assigned session.

• Students must remain in the assigned classroom for the Blended Learning Program. No students will be allowed other areas of the building.

• Attendance policies for Virtual Schoolhouse apply to this program.

• Participation and progress will be reviewed on a quarterly basis, parents will be apprised of progress. Students not making progress will be placed on an academic plan to ensure course completion. Students not progressing may be subject to an alternate placement.

• Students must attend 5 days a week for 3 hours per session.

• Students must attend the assigned session only.


Blended Learning (BL) students are responsible for attending school daily during the days when school is in session throughout the school year. Blended learning students must complete 1001 hours of school each year, or approximately 27 hours per week. As part of the blended learning program, students are assigned a morning or afternoon session, and students must report during this assigned session. Monday through Thursday students will attend three (3) hours per day, and on Fridays will attend two (2) hours per day for a minimum of 14 hours per week. In addition, students are responsible for working within the curriculum outside of school for an additional thirteen (13) hours or completion of at least ten (10) lessons. Students are considered in attendance when present for the daily assigned session, or a minimum of three hours daily as arranged by the BL teacher. Attendance will be taken in school daily and additional activities will be monitored weekly by the blended learning teacher. Some students may need additional assistance in coursework and may remain on campus to work with a teacher or tutor. Such times will be documented and count as additional classroom time. Failure to complete the required work outside of assigned classroom sessions will result in a parent conference and/or student attendance contract, and repeated failure to complete required work could result in expulsion from the blended learning policy and matriculation into the regular school academic programs.

Blended learning students follow the same absence policy as all Virtual Schoolhouse students. A student is present when they are in the blended learning classroom at the start of the assigned session. Tardy students arrive no earlier than 10 minutes and no later than 60 minutes after the start of the session. Absences must be accompanied by a parent phone call or note and will be excused if the excuse meets the guidelines of an excused absence as defined by the school board. An absence will be deemed unexcused if VSH does not receive a parent note or phone call within a reasonable time frame. A reasonable time frame is determined by the school administration.

Chronic Tardiness
BL students who accumulate seven (7) tardies in one grading period will receive notification by the school. Students who accumulate ten (10) tardies in one grading period may be required to attend a meeting with the school administration with a parent present, and may be put on an attendance improvement plan.

Chronic Absence
Chronic absence is defined as the accumulation of ten (10) or more unexcused absences in one grading period. The school administrator has the right to work with each case of chronic absences on an individual basis. Should the school administrator determine that a student may make up work for the unexcused absences, and the work is not completed prior to the end of the quarter, and the students has ten (10) or more unexcused absences, then student shall receive an “incomplete” for that quarter. Should the student not complete the work within the prescribed time frame as determined by the school administrator, that incomplete shall be converted to an “F” for the quarter.

Truancy Policy
BL students are held accountable to the truancy policy of VSH.

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