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K-3 Schoolhouse Academy

Schoolhouse Academy

The Schoolhouse Academy is the K-3 division of Virtual Schoolhouse. We take a holistic approach to education, with the understanding that students need many things before they can start to apply themselves to learning and growing.

Students need to be fed.  We offer free breakfast and lunch, in addition to free snacks during afterschool care and extended day learning.

Students need to feel safe. Schoolhouse Academy occupies a dedicated set of private classrooms, away from the energy of the upper grades.   Our building is guarded and videotaped throughout the school day.  Community partners ensure that our students enter and leave our main building safely.

Students need to feel that they matter.  Classes at Schoolhouse Academy are small- usually fewer than 15 students.  Often more than one teacher is in the classroom at one time.

Students need to feel a sense of belonging.  The climate at Schoolhouse Academy is positive and warm.  Parents are frequently in the school building both as volunteers and as audience for performances, literacy events, science and geography fairs and demonstrations.

Students need to be taught in the manner that they learn best.  Teachers at Schoolhouse Academy are skilled at providing differentiated instruction and have training in multisensory instruction.  They participate in a great deal of Professional Development every year to improve their techniques of teaching children with different skill levels and learning styles at the same time.

Students need the time to learn at their own pace.  Schoolhouse Academy also offers a full continuum of special education services in and out of the regular education classroom.   Extended learning opportunities before and after regular school hours include free tutoring to improve reading and math skills.

Students need stability.  Schoolhouse Academy offers a host of therapeutic support services free of charge to qualifying students.  We have state-of-the-art facilities for speech/language therapy, occupational therapy,  physical therapy and life skills at our main building.

Students need to have hope for a positive future.  Our Special Education Department and Abilities Center provides the full gamut of services to students who face a higher level of social, emotional, physical and/or academic challenges.   From assessments to interventions, special education students at the Schoolhouse Academy get the attention and services they need and deserve.

Students need inspiration and motivation.  At Schoolhouse Academy, learning extends beyond the classroom walls.  Exciting field trips and guest speakers expose students to new ideas and ways of seeing the world.

Students need to be engaged. Schoolhouse Academy puts students’ fascination with technology to good use, transforming it from a distraction into an exciting tool with which to learn about the world.  Every classroom is equipped with computers.

Students need to know what is expected of them. Schoolhouse Academy makes behavioral expectations very clear. Our Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program teaches students to be safe, responsible and respectful with specific routines and modes of conduct for every school setting.

Students need a clear line of communication.  The free Virtual Schoolhouse school app is the go-to place for all announcements, schedules, messages and school closings.

Students need to show up.  Attendance is critical.  Another great thing about sending your children to our school is the convenience of having a one-stop-drop for all grade levels. Our Parent Liaison is available to discuss any particular challenges in getting kids to school.  Also, Schoolhouse Academy maintains an attendance hotline, (216) 541-2048 ext. 226, to report absences.

Students need good resources.  Schoolhouse Academy students have access to computers and learning materials, free of charge.  However, our teachers are our most prized resources.  Our highly qualified teachers are responsive to their students’ interests and learning needs.

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