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Special Education

Special Education Service Delivery
Virtual Schoolhouse has designed and implemented the following model to ensure Special Education Service Delivery to our students. Receipt of services is based on the individual need of each student as indicated on that student’s IEP. Each student’s IEP is reviewed and student is place in the least restrictive environment. Each student has a case manger who monitors IEP, progress and collaborates with regular ed teacher through monthly Clinical Support Team( (CST) meetings.

Classroom Setting (LRE)
VSH ensures that all students with exceptional needs are provided an appropriate public education and related services in the least restrictive environment.

VSH classrooms consist of 15:1 student/staff ratio with a certified teacher. Based on student’s needs, each student receives individual/small group instruction with a Special Ed. Specialist, Reading Specialist, and Math Specialist. These specialized class placements consist of an “HQT” teacher. The following models across the SPED continuum are offered at VSH; inclusion model with SPED teacher in the classroom, Resource room model for small group or individual instructions, self contained classroom for those students who need a more restrictive environment, separate facility for severe ED students and home instruction as the most restrictive environment.

Speech/Language Services
Virtual Schoolhouse uses a combination of employees and contracted staff to provide speech/language services to our students. Based on the IEP, students receive this service due to language deficits. Consultation with parents, teachers and administrators is also provided based on individual student needs. The Speech/Language Therapists also consult with VSH staff in developing appropriate accommodations and modifications in our classrooms.

Occupational Therapy Services
Occupational Therapy services at Virtual Schoolhouse comprise several different areas. Therapists work with Special Education students to ensure that they are fully capable of engaging in all aspects of their school day. Services occur in and out of the classroom; in small group, large group, and individualized settings. Tasks are broken into their component pieces and taught according to student need, student learning style, and student strengths. Tasks include physical tasks (e.g. tying gym shoes, zippering jackets in order to go out to recess, writing, cutting, glueing), motor planning tasks, visual-motor tasks (scanning and tracking tasks to increase proficiency in reading, writing, and copying), sensory motor tasks (being able to sit during a noisy assembly, being able to sit in a classroom to complete a given work assignment, being able to stand in line), as well as any other specific tasks that are interfering with the child’s ability to be an effective student. Occupational Therapists work directly with the students, consult with teachers and consult with other team members to ensure that progress is achieved.

Physical Therapy Services
Virtual Schoolhouse uses contracted staff to provide physical therapy to our students. Virtual Schoolhouse has a brand new state of art physical therapy room. Students receive physical therapy according to their IEP. The physical therapist works with each student to develop, maintain, and restore maximum movement Physical Therapists work directly with the students; speak with parents, teachers, as well as all other team members to make sure that progress is being achieved.


Behavioral Services
VSH classroom teachers establish a classroom behavioral system which is used to track student progress toward IEP goals. Additionally, a Social Worker and school counselors are on staff to provide individual counseling, social skills training, and crisis intervention services, participate in the development of behavioral modifications and do functional behavior assessments. Our staff members collaborate with community agencies and with support personnel within the school. Our teachers understand and practice in accordance with federal, state and local laws that relate to students and families (such as child protection/child abuse, special education, attendance, education rights and privacy). All staff members participate in ongoing professional development to understand behaviors and how to work with special ed students.


Special Education Policy and Procedures
Virtual Schoolhouse employs a Special Ed. Director and SPED coordinator to manage the Special Education process for all students. The Director is the chairman of the IAT, MFE and IEP teams, and ensures that all aspects for Special Education policy and procedure are followed. The SPED coordinator maintains all Special Education records and is the primary liaison between the parents and school for matters involving Special Education. The SPED coordinator is available for consultation with parents, teachers, administrators and providers from agencies outside the school. Every student has an IEP case manager who is responsible to make sure that goals are being addressed and that appropriate services are being rendered. VSH follows Ohio’s model policy and procedures to make sure ETR’s and IEP’s are compliant both procedurally and in content.

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