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About VSH


Virtual Schoolhouse is a K-12 Ohio charter school that embraces students of all abilities.

  • We envision a school system equipped with the resources and professional talents to meet the diverse academic, social, emotional and physical needs of its entire student body.
  • We believe that each student is capable of achieving success and becoming a responsible, productive citizen.
  • Virtual Schoolhouse aims to become the national model for schools in which all students can achieve academic success and earn a high school diploma.

Mission Statement

Virtual Schoolhouse provides multiple educational options to allow each student to achieve, individual goals through differentiated instruction in a safe and caring environment. Our staff is dedicated to endowing students with the 21st Century skills necessary to be productive members of society.

Virtual Schoolhouse aims to:

  • Offer multiple instructional options for students to achieve mastery of our standards based, K-12 curriculum
  • Nurture each student and inspire their hard work and effort to overcome challenges in a safe environment
  • Supplement academics with a range of specialized therapies and services critical to achieving holistic accommodation plans
  • Produce high school graduates prepared to enter the workforce or pursue post-secondary education.

What Makes VSH Unique?

Virtual Schoolhouse differs from other charter schools by providing several ways for students to reach their potential. Through our unique mix of delivery methods, we tailor programs to meet the individual needs of each student. Virtual Schoolhouse also offers a Credit Recovery program to help students who wish to make up credits or graduate early.

Whether you are looking for special education needs, our school that can personally cater to your child’s needs through a blended learning process of online courses, classroom education. The Virtual Schoolhouse can offer a personalized educational package customized to your child’s needs. Tuition is free and our programs are optimized to ensure that your child gets the best educational experience they deserve.

Student Handbook 2013-2014