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Enrollment in the Virtual Schoolhouse is open on a space available basis to students who are eligible for grades K-12 and live within the state of Ohio and have a parent living within the state of Ohio, or have a court placement in an Ohio school district.

At the Virtual Schoolhouse, we use no single criterion to evaluate applicants. We seek a student group diverse in talents, background and outlook. Virtual Schoolhouse will not discriminate in its admission of students to the school on the basis of race, religion, color, gender, national origin, handicap, intellectual ability, athletic ability, or measurement of achievement or aptitude. The Virtual Schoolhouse is open to all students, regardless of disability. Admission to the Virtual Schoolhouse is open to any individual age five to twenty-two (must not have reached 22nd birthday on day of enrollment) entitled to attend school and permits enrollment of any student who resides in any district in the state of Ohio.

We give first consideration to siblings of students who are currently enrolled, to children of Virtual Schoolhouse staff and to siblings of our alumni. We expect parents of first considerations to apply and enroll at the earliest date of entry offered; otherwise we will include the applicant in the next categories of children to be considered. We give special consideration to children from racially diverse backgrounds.

The date of application is not a primary criterion for consideration. Early application is encouraged as the full admission process may take several weeks to complete.

Enrollees expelled from another school district maybe accepted; this decision is made by the Head of School on a case by case basis.

Wait List:

If the number of applicants meeting admission criteria exceeds the capacity of the Virtual Schoolhouse’s programs, classes, grade levels, or facilities, students shall be placed on a waiting list and be admitted on a first come-first served basis. Virtual Schoolhouse will conduct rolling admissions throughout the school year and allow new students to enter the program after all students on the waiting list have been placed.

Virtual Schoolhouse students are eligible to receive the following services absolutely free:

  • Free testing (including MFE & IEP)
  • Free Occupational, Speech, and Physical therapies
  • Supplemental tutoring provided by experienced teachers/tutors
  • K–12 Online Educational Curriculum Resource Software Program


Any change in these policies will be reported, in writing, to the ESC of Lake Erie West, within five (5) business days.

Conditions of Admission to VSH

  • All students must complete an application packet and provide all necessary documentation
  • All students must accept the terms of the Acceptable Use Agreement
  • All students must adhere to the Student Code of Conduct
  • All students and their parent(s) will abide by the Parent/Student Letter of Understanding
  • All students and their parent(s) (legal guardian[s]) must attend an orientation annually

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